Photo Indexes as Embellishments

Photo Indexes Dave Gordon Tip of the Day

Dave shares a great tip on how to use photo indexes on your next project! Thanks Dave!

Crafty Layout

Crafty Layout

This is sure to be one of my new go to sketches. I love the versatility, how it could be altered to fit many different occasions. I’d like to thank Jill, author of the Word Play Word Work Blog, for sharing her beautiful design with us today. The sketch is based on two intersecting visual triangles. The first […]

Rule of 3 for Photography

Tip of the Day Rule of 3 in Photography Dave Gordon

This is a great  tip for taking better photos.  It’s called the Rule of 3 for Photography. Thanks Dave for sharing that great info!

Using F/Stops for Better Photos

    POSTED BY SEI ART STUDIO Wedding season is here again! … and family vacation season, and take cute photos of your family season. Many of my friends have recently been asking how they can better control the images they are taking. They have ideas of images in their mind, but when they take the […]